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Soothing Sensitive Skin Facial  |  60 minutes

Great for easily irritated or flushed skin, rosacea, broken capillaries, pregnancy, or menopause. Lifts away the daily buildup of dirt and eliminates dead cells on the surface of the skin, leaving it soft and un-irritated as it purifies, nourishes, and soothes the skin. Enjoy a facial massage using cold globes to cool, relax and tone the facial muscles and skin.
Products used will be specifically beneficial for sensitive skin but also customized for each client's needs and skin type. 

nourishing Age-Fighting Facial  |  60 minutes

Wonderful for fine lines, dull or tired skin, mature skin, and to create a revitalized glow. Lifts environmental buildup and exfoliates dead skin cells allowing new ones to push to the surface as it purifies and nourishes skin. Facial massage stimulates blood flow and collagen production all while packing the skin chock full of antioxidants, peptides and ceramides, finishing off with a vacuum to plump fine lines. Topped with a protective moisturizer and SPF to fight age-accelerating UV rays.

clarifying Oily/Combo Skin Facial  |  60 minutes

Perfect for oily or combination skin types with black heads, white heads, rough texture to the skin due to buildup/excessive oil. Helps clarify the skin and minimize the appearance of pores. Includes deep pore-cleansing; exfoliation to remove dead skin buildup; desincrustation to break down the sebum and debris inside follicles paired with steam, making stubborn comedones easier to extract; purifying mask and astringent to tighten pores; and a healing moisturizer to bring balance back to the skin and heal blemishes.

Hydrating Dry Skin facial  |  60 minutes

Perfect for dry skin, textured or irritated skin due to dryness/flakiness, dull or tired skin looking for life and glow. Gentle cleanse, gentle exfoliant to remove the texture of dead skin cells, followed by a facial massage to stimulate blood flow and new cell production bringing skin to life. Also include a soothing hydrating mask; iontophoresis which pushes serums deep into your skin to hydrate and restore balance; and lasty moisturizer and SPF to protect against UV rays and environmental damage.

Take Action Acne Facial  |  90 minutes

Created for those with acne of any grade. Whether you are oily and acne comes and goes, prone to hormonal blemishes once a month, or if it has been a lifelong struggle, this facial will be extremely beneficial! Double cleanse, enzyme exfoliant to be gentle but effective, desincrustation to melt sebum in the follicles making extractions easier, high frequency as an antiseptic to fight bacteria and also "zap" blemishes to help them heal in no time. Topped with a purifying mask and a moisturizing cream.

Men's Facial Treatment | 60 minutes 

For all men, any skin type, this is customized for each individual! Enjoy a cleanse to remove dirt and buildup, exfoliation to shed off dead skin on the surface, extractions if needed, a mask to detoxify the skin, and hydration leaving your skin rejuvenated and fresh all while using hot towels. For those with beards a High Frequency beard combing can be added to your treatment to kill bacteria and stimulate hair growth (see "Facial Add-Ons" when selecting service to schedule).

On the Go Mini Facial  |  45 minutes

The basics of a facial in thirty minutes to give your skin the benefits without taking up your time. For any skin type. Products will be chosen for each client individually based on skin type and their skin's needs. Enjoy a facial cleanse to lift dirt and buildup, exfoliant to shed dead skin cells, facial mask targeted toward what your skin needs, serum to rejuvenate, and moisturizer/SPF to bring hydration and protection to your skin on-the-go.

Back Facial  |  45 minutes

Whether your back has blemishes that you want cleared up but can't reach on your own or you just want to relax, this facial is for you! Double cleanse, manual exfoliation to shed dead skin cells and enjoy what feels like a nice back scratch. Extractions if needed, mask that purifies and relaxes, and moisturizer to top it off all while using steam and hot towels.

60 minute facials: $65

90 minute facials: $85

45 minute facials: $50


Facial waxing 

Brow shaping: $12
Lip: $10
Chin: $10
Full face: $30

Lash and Brow

Brow tint: $10
Lash tint: $10
Lash lift: $50

Spray Tan

Spray tan: $35

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